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  • Accounting

    Statutory Account:
    If your business is incorporated with the Companies House as limited company or LLP then it is legal requirement in the UK to prepare the annual accounts in statutory format as prescribed in the Companies Act 2006 and file with the Companies House within the statutory time limit. This is the statutory duty and failing to comply with this requirement leads to fine and penalties to company and directors. We prepare statutory account on your behalf and submit with Companies House to help you meet the statutory compliance requirement. We have many years experience in dealing with the statutory accounts that are accepted by the Companies House for filing purpose. Those filed accounts are public documents as these are placed in a public domain so it is important to give right information not only for compliance purpose but also for your own business too.
    Management Account:
    Management accounts are like mirror of your business that helps you understand how the business look like, where the business is supposed to be and where you stand. This facilitates you to make decision to steer the business as per your aspirations. In other words this is like a measuring yardstick which tells you what’s your goal, where you are now and what actions you need to get there. Our experienced team will analyse your current business information and prepares various reports to keep you informed that help you make right decisions at right time.
    Book Keeping:
    If you are worried about how to maintain the accounting records then you can relax now. It can be a tedious task for untrained person but our experienced team member can help you sort this out for you. Book keeping is an important function in the whole management information process. Keeping the books in order is the first step toward preparing various management information reports and is the source of information for preparing VAT returns, Tax computation and Statutory Accounts.
  • Statutory Audit

      • We are Statutory Auditors in the UK. A statutory auditor is a person approved to carry out the audit of annual accounts or statutory accounts.
      • Whether you are required by law or you decide voluntarily to audit your accounts we are here to help you meet this objective. If you currently feel that your audit is a chore and that you are not getting a return on your investments then we believe this is the time for change. As a part of our auditing process we bring in to your attention all the weakness and loose ends on the business operation which will increase the efficiency and profitability of business.
  • VAT

      • We help you prepare the VAT return on your behalf and submit to HMRC. Based on your situation VAT return needs to be filed with HMRC monthly or quarterly. This is regulatory requirement and failing this would lead to fines and penalties and in the worst case leads to closure of your business.
      • It is very important to claim right amount of input tax you have already spent in your purchases and expenses and to declare right amount of output tax on your sales. If your input tax is higher than your output tax you will get refund from HMRC and this helps your cash flow situation too.
      • HMRC operates various VAT schemes (i.e. flat rate scheme, retail scheme, cash accounting scheme etc) and we can help you decide which one is right for your business. Choosing appropriate VAT scheme for your business can save you money.
  • Corporation Tax

      • If your business is incorporated as limited company, the profits made by the company are subject to corporation tax. This is complex task and needs expertise in the UK Corporation tax matters. It is very important to pay the right amount of tax to HMRC and the most important is not to pay too much tax than required. Our huge experience and expertise help you claim right allowances that minimise the tax payable by your company.
      • We prepare tax computation on your behalf, complete tax return CT600 and submit to HMRC in iXBRL format for filing. As you are aware, tax returns need to be filed with HMRC within 12 months and corporation tax needs to be paid by 9 months from the end of the accounting year.
      • Our experienced team would help you to form right structure of business which would maximise your take home income by paying minimum possible tax.
  • Research & Development

      • Your company or organisation can claim for R&D Relief if an R&D project seeks to achieve an advance in overall knowledge or capability in a field of science or technology through the resolution of scientific or technological uncertainty. R & D relief is very generous where you can claim 200% relief for a qualified expenditure. However you must fulfil the following conditions:
      • it must be related to your company or organisation's trade - either an existing one, or one that you intend to start up based on the results of the R&D
      • if your company or organisation is claiming relief under the SME Scheme, it must own any intellectual property that might arise from the project
      • Though the relief is very generous and you can claim cash back from HMRC, the procedures are complicated. Simply talk to us and we will take care of those legal complication which will enable you to successfully claim the R & D relief.
  • Personal Tax

      • Taxation is a highly complicated issue and is linked with every aspect of our lives. We are aware that you work very hard to earn the income but you may be paying too much to the taxman due to lack of tax planning and tax saving strategies.
      • We deal with all aspect of taxation – personal tax, capital gain tax, inheritance tax and SDLT. With o
      • We advise you on your overall tax planning minimising your tax liabilities. We prepare tax computation summarising your total income and tax payable in such a way that you pay the right amount of tax.
      • With our proactive approach you can save a lot of your hard earned money by minimising the tax bill. Compliance is just a beginning for us and we constantly challenge existing tax practice/system and come up with innovative solutions to the most complex tax issues.
  • Payroll

      • We provide fully comprehensive payroll service running weekly, monthly, quarterly or other payroll. You tell us about the salary of your staffs then we calculate PAYE tax, NI contribution and net pay to your staffs. We use HMRC approved software that prepares payslips and other various reports. We also advise you the amount payable to HMRC and the deadline for such payment.
      • Every employer needs to file P35 return showing their payroll details for the year ending 5th April to HMRC by 19th July.
      • From 6 April 2013 HMRC is going to RTI scheme, where you as an employer need to submit the PAYE reports and information to HMRC on Real Time i.e. as it happens. This is very cumbersome purpose and you need to be in trusted hands to comply with this HMRC requirement.
  • Financing for your Business

    • If you need financial support for your business then we can negotiate your needs and the best possible way of financing to lenders/investors.
    • We can prepare business plan and financial forecast that help lenders/investors decide whether they can make investment in your business
    • As you are aware finance is a life blood of business a carefully planned financing structure will support your business throughout the business lifecycle and help you maximising your wealth.
    • We can also advise you on potential merger and acquisition or on selling your business. We carry out due diligence and report you of our findings which are very important and is the beginning of buying or selling of businesses.
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